Liddy Napanangka Walker Art for Sale

Pandanus Aboriginal Art features stunning and vivid artworks from Indigenous artists throughout the country. We have carefully curated a collection of paintings, sculptures, and genuine artifacts such as boomerangs and coolamons, and made them available for purchase at our Gallery in Palm Cove and online store. Our mission is to help bridge the divide between the wider population and Australia’s remote Indigenous art communities and do so through featuring works not only from renowned artists but also up and coming talents. DELETE

We have a number of superb works from the important contemporary artist, Liddy Napanangka Walker, available for purchase either online or at our Palm Cove gallery. Walker has had her works featured in exhibitions throughout Australia and overseas and is seen as one of the significant, established contemporary painters in the community currently producing fine work.

Liddy is one of the most senior women and the last surviving of the old ladies working with the Warakurlangku Art community-based in Yuendemu, NT having been involved from the time of establishment of the Art centre in 1986.

Peruse our collection of work from this exciting artist, and get in touch with the team of staff at Pandanus Aboriginal Art to find out more about the works in stock.

liddy napanangka walker art for sale

The art of Napanangka Walke

Liddy Napanangka Walker grew up with her family living in various bush camps in and around the Tanami Desert, NT, before settling in Yuendumu, around 300km northwest of Alice Springs. Her life in these remote parts of Australia is reflected in her colourful and dynamic work based on the totemic responsibilities passed down to her on her patrilineal family side. She has described herself as “a very strong painter” and has become a widely-respected artist, a part of the group of female Indigenous painters known as the ‘Painting Divas from the Desert’. She uses a widely-varied strong/subtle colour palette and incorporates highly dynamic textures to complement the chosen colour palette depicting her Dreamtime subject matter. Her work is inspired by the Dreamings of her father and grandfather which include the goanna, bush potato, seed pods, bush tomato, and hopping mouse, but her main theme is ‘Dogwood Tree Dreaming’. 

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If you are interested in learning more about the beautiful work of this important modern Indigenous artist, or have any further questions about the purchase and delivery of her work, feel free to get in contact with the staff at Pandanus Aboriginal Art. Come into our gallery at 123 Williams Esplanade, Palm Cove, Queensland, send us a message via our contact page, or give us a call on 07 4059 2300 and one of our staff will be happy to assist you with your enquires.