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Pandanus Aboriginal Art aims to provide insights into the many unique and inspiring characteristics of Aboriginal culture and little known aspects of Aboriginal life that are reflected in an awesome history of over 50,000 years of continuous life in balance with the natural world. This history, culture and knowledge is uniquely expressed within both the art and genuine artifacts that are created by the Aboriginal artists whom we represent.

Most of the artifacts have been collected in prior decades/centuries and are representative of the superb skills and workmanship of their creators. Some of these creations are secret/sacred to ceremony and Law and must not be seen by the opposite sex, and are thus referenced. The extraordinary skills of creating more than 20 different shapes of boomerang, various styles of woomera (spear throwers that dramatically ‘lever’ the spear into flight with magnified force, speed and distance), coolamans (hollowed-out utensils to carry everything from new-born babies to water and food), various ceremonial instruments and other implements and weavings using human hair and natural fibres are evident in the works displayed by Pandanus Aboriginal Art. In contemporary times, some of these skills have been transferred to superb wire sculptures of bush animals, for example the magnificent copper wire sculptures of Johnny Perrurule Young, from the Simpson Desert.

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Bridging the gap between communities

Other examples include Law Poles from the Aurukun region of Cape York used in ceremony associated with specific responsibilities to sustain and support the ongoing processes of creation. Others include Torres Straits Dhurris, or ceremonial head-dresses from Saibai Island and Pukamani Poles from the Tiwi Islands north of Darwin.

Our artifacts are collected from manyof the regions of Australia providing a fascinating insight into variations of shape and style in communities across the Continent that have operated for millennia upon a fundamentally universal belief system and culture.

Pandanus Aboriginal Art have a mission of helping to bridge the divide between remote Indigenous art communities and the wider community by showcasing the incredible talent of some of Australia’s most renowned artists, as well as emerging new talent. Our range of artifacts help us to pass on the knowledge and better understanding about the fundamental characteristics of Aboriginal life and culture that offers a surprising insight to potential solutions for some of the major problems facing the contemporary world.

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