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David Marpoondin is just one of the artists featured in the Aurukun Camp Dogs & Exotic Birds exhibition which is featured in April. Other artsits are Garry Namponan, Vernon Marbendinar, Bruce Bell, Lex Namponan, Leigh Namponan, Sammy Kerinden, Laurie Ngallametta, Bevan Namponan and  magnificent paintings by Akay Koo'oila inspired by Aurukun Wetland Waterlilies

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This is the spectacular Aurukun wetlands during thr wet season. This is the home of the Aurukun artists featured in our 'Aurukun Camp Dogs & Exotoc Birds' exhibition showing during the month of April.

Aurukun is located on the western side of Cape York at the junction of three pristine rivers, the Archer, the Watson and the Ward. Together with other rivers lying south, this massive system of rivers makes up the Aurukun Wetlands 
Aboriginal art - Aurukun Dogs & Exotic Birds

Aurukun Dogs & Exotic Birds

We welcome the artists of Aurukun to this vibrant exhibition of iconic carvings by the now famous artists of Aurukun.
The Camp Dogs while depicted as cheeky and sometimes fierce, are a very important ancestral force of extraordinary potency. The community lies in dingo country, crisscrossed by variegated dog dreaming tracks and songlines. The exhibition also includes sculptured birds of the region and Waterlily paintings by Akay Koo'oila 

Stunning Aboriginal Art for Sale

Pandanus Aboriginal Art showcases some of the finest talent throughout the Indigenous community with a wonderful collection of authentic Aboriginal art – including paintings, prints, sculptures, and jewellery – all available for purchase at our Gallery in Palm Cove or our online store. With works from Australia’s most renowned Indigenous artists, we have put together a truly glorious collection of artworks we are proud to share with the world.

Discover in our collection works from some of the Indigenous community’s finest artists including Minnie Pwerle, Emily Kame Kngwarreye, and Dorothy Napangardi. All works are majestic representations of the pride and uniqueness of Aboriginal art, and despite their rarity and beauty we offer works ranging from affordable to investment in order to satisfy a range of client’s interests.

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A Magnificent Artworks with Provenance

Pandanus Aboriginal Art is proud to present an extensive collection of artworks that reflect the essence and spirit of the Indigenous people of Australia backed with documentary provenance. From the Dreamtime to the contemporary, we strive to offer the highest quality from Aboriginal artists and simultaneously strengthen/expand our existing excellent relationships with remote art communities.

Our collection of works includes:

  • Artefacts
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With stunning works ranging from renowned female artists such as Judy Watson Napangardi, Liddy Napanangka, and Makinti Napanangka to exciting new talented artists, our dedication is to offer an inspiring mix and variety of Aboriginal and Torres Straits works of the broadest range, highest quality and provenance. An important part of our mission is to help bring the culture and diversity of Indigenous Australians to the wider community and provide support to emerging artists showcasing their talent to the world.

As well as the above listed artists, we also have collections from artists Patrick Tjungurrayi, Ronnie Tjampitjinpa, and Shorty Jangala Robertson, whose works have inspired both the Australian and International art worlds.

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If you are interested in making a purchase from our extensive collection of stunning Indigenous artworks, for sale at our Gallery in Palm Cove or the online store, or have any more questions regarding our collection or the artists we showcase, feel free to get in touch with the staff at Pandanus Aboriginal Art. We are always happy to discuss the Aboriginal art questions, interests and requirements of potential and existing clients .

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